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Endless End
parapluie, Elodie Pong, Ivana Falconi
Kunsthalle Lugano
curated by Désirée Th J J Vringer Gianluca Monnier and Andrée Julikà Tavares (working together under the name of Parapluie) also consider social codes, socio- anthropological contexts and their impact on individuals and society the real pivotal points around which their work revolves, mainly utilizing video, photography and installation.
From personal results, yet originating by a meditation upon the same questions, they start in 2008 a real common work as a couple, investigating this themes and giving form to a “metaphysics of the real and the unreal”: it is a reflection upon the relationship between themselves and a world seen as ambiguous and unintelligible, where the boundary between real and unreal, presence and absence, inside and outside evaporates; a world very difficult to connect with, since
everything in it is manipulated, contaminated, mixed up and in transformation. Concepts as fragile identity, violence, the feminine in all its stereotypes are expressed through installations that can be read on different levels (ironical and provocatory, critical, historical, aesthetical, philosophical). The most recent works express a more rarefied and esthetic dimension, that revisits, reinterprets and puts in discussion, often in a playful and irreverent way, those very artistic and stylistic codes (sculpture for example, or a certain conceptual art). text by Paola Tedeschi Pellanda