Art exhibitions

Gianluca Monnier is a director and visual artist (together with Andrée Julikà Tavares, with the artistic duo parapluie). After studying modern literature at the State University of Milan, he worked in electronic media, mainly for RSI (1998-2012) while exhibiting in public galleries and museums.


Andrée Julikà Tavares attended the Schauspielakademie in Zurich and graduated from the Head of Geneva (film section), where she also obtained a master's degree in art and media.


In 2006-7, both were artists-in-residence at the Swiss Institute in Rome.


In 2012, Monnier founded the production company parapluie pictures, based in Minusio. In the same year he won, together with Andrée Julikà Tavares, the writing grant organised by RSI and the Dipartimento dell'educazione e dello sport della Repubblica e Cantone Ticino (DECS) for the film Greetings from nowhere (with original texts by the anthropologist Marc Augé, theorist of non-places), a film selected in 2020 by the Cineteca di Milano. Their latest feature film, Holy Highway, supported by FondoFilmPlus, the Canton of Ticino and the Federal Office of Culture, had its world premiere at the 56th Swiss Film Days in Solothurn and was selected by the Human Rights Film Festival in Lugano and the Naples Film Festival.

2023 grant for a documentary screenplay, Nordwind, Fondo FilmPlus Svizzera italiana and Ticino Film Commission 2022 The Art Collection of the Republic and Canton of Ticino (CH), acquires two new works: Nove nuove spugne + Femme with gun 2020 grant for a documentary screenplay, Steel Love, Fondo FilmPlus Svizzera italiana 2012 grant for a documentary screenplay, Greetings from nowhere, Fondo FilmPlus Svizzera italiana 2006 artists in residence at Swiss Institut, Rome 10. vfg Nachwuchsförderpreis, Zurich 2005 «La maison inconnue», quality prize, Culture Departement Genêve (CH) 2000 «Agfa Créative Contest», Prix d’or Awards & grants (parapluie, tavares, monnier)
2022 > “Effetto Farfalla”, 52', RSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera) & parapluie pictures > "Steel Love", Rough Cat, RSI, in pre-production 2021 > “Holy Highway”, 86', DCP, produced by parapluie pictures (Solothurn Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival Lugano, Switzerland, Human Rights Film Festival Napoli, Italy) 2020 > "Gradi di separazione", 7', Collection Lockdown by Swiss Filmmakers – 2nd Wave 2019 > «Vue troublée», 21' 53, 16mm, b/n-col. > “Così come sei”, 52', RSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera) & parapluie pictures > “Greetings from nowhere”, DCP, 63', Amka Films, RSI 2017 > “Nei tuoi panni”, 53', RSI & parapluie pictures 2016 > "Coltiva e resisti”, 20', RSI & parapluie pictures 2005 > «La maison inconnue» 15’, 16mm, col. (diff. Festival: Helsinki, Istanbul, Cairo, Roma, Teheran, Arte TV) Filmography (selection: tv & cinema)



curated by Mario Casanova

>  Bissone Arte 2022 (CH)



>  "Himmel + Hölle", Mact/Cact, Bellinzona (CH), curated by Mario Casanova

>  "Tra luogo e corpi", Redaktion, Luzern (CH), curated by Stephan Wittmer



>  "100_TOWN-HO Wal respektive Kunst in Sicht!", B74 Raum für

    Kunst, Luzern & La Rada Locarno & many other art spaces (CH), curated by Stephan Wittmer

>  Des Nebels", Mact/Cact, Bellinzona (CH), curated by Mario Casanova



> "Crash/Fragments", Spazio 1b, Lugano, in collaborazione con Biennale Immagine Chiasso

> "Femme with gun", video projections, La Rada, Locarno (CH), curated by Riccardo Lisi

> "Rivapiana. The Motel (1972-2018). Eine Hommage.", Rathaus für Kultur, Lichtensteig (CH)



> "In the public eye", Lugano (CH), MASI, Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana

> "The fabric between us", OnArte, Minusio (CH), curated by Kathrin Wolkowicz



> "Si vis pacem, para bellum", ex macello, Lugano (CH), curated by Riccardo Lisi

> "Lungs of sugar", spazio OnArte, Minusio (CH), curated by Kathrin Wolkowicz



> "C'était le 3 mars 1965", OnArte, Minusio (CH)



> Brut: Beyound the outline, Mact/Cact, Bellinzona (CH), curated by Mario Casanova



> Fanzines! festival de l'autoédition graphique, Paris (F)

> Ars Polis, Lugano (CH)

> The endless end, Kunsthalle, Lugano (CH)



> Ars Polis, sotterranei studio K10, Lugano (CH)

> Festarte, Macro Testaccio, Roma (I)

> Che c’è di nuovo?, Museo Cantonale, Lugano (CH), curated by Elio Schenini



> 100’000, I sotterranei dell’arte, Monte Carasso (CH), curated by Boris Magrini

> “Realunreal”, Cons Arc, Chiasso (CH)

> "Artisti della galleria", galleria Balmelli, Lugano (CH)

> "Lo stato delle cose", galleria Balmelli, Bellinzona (CH)



> “Peste”, Bluvanoni, Chiesa di San Rocco, Losone (CH)

> “2video”,, internet

> “La fille avec la valise rouge”, Today Art Museum of Bejing, Bejing (CHINA)

> “Frontières”, Musée d’art et histoire, Neuchâtel (CH)

> “After the beep”, Galerie Dock 18, Zürich (CH)

>  Spazio Officina, Visarte, Chiasso (CH)



> “Le stagioni dell’uomo”, Auditorium Parco della musica, Roma (I)

> “Spazi aperti 5”, Accademia di Romania, Roma (I)

> video Screening, MACRO, Roma, curated by Shara Wassermann

> FotoGrafia, Festival Internazionale di Roma, Temple Gallery of Art, Roma (I),

curated by Shara Wassermann

> “Turtlesalon “ New York, Dusseldorf, London

> “Coltivazioni #1 + #2”, Laboratorio Kunsthalle, Lugano (CH)

> “Initial” Stadthausgalerie Munster (D)



> “Laboratorio d’idee” Istituto Svizzero, Roma

> 10. vfg Nachwuchsförderpreis, Zurich, Lucerne, Bâle, Vevey (CH)

> Galerie Heroik Korp, Lyon (F)

> “Realtà parallele nell'arte contemporanea”, Mact/Cact, Bellinzona (CH), curated by Mario Casanova

> “Kunsthalle?”, Interazioni '06, Locarno (CH), curated by Mario Casanova



> “Rencontre de la photographie” Arles

> Premio città di Lissone, Museo d’arte contemporanea, Lissone (I)

> “Le definizioni dell’invisibile”, Mact/Cact, Bellinzona (CH), curated by Mario Casanova



> "La sintonizzazione del vuoto”, Officina Arte, Magliaso (CH)



> “Che c’è di nuovo?”, Museo cantonale, Lugano (CH), curated by Elio Schenini

> "Y'a pas photos", Dot Galerie, Genêve (CH)

> Liste '03, Basel (CH), curated by Mario Casanova



> Mact/Cact, Bellinzona (CH), curated by Mario Casanova



> "La nave dei folli", La Rada, Locarno (CH)

> Galleria Spsas, Locarno (CH)



> "Fotogrammi", Mact/Cact, Bellinzona (CH), curated by Mario Casanova



> "Who shot Miles Davis", Cinema Teatro, Chiasso (CH)

> "Pixel", installazione su spazi pubblicitari, urban space installation, Chiasso