film production



gianluca monnier

andrée julikà tavares

Fallerheim parapluie (tavares + monnier) printed cardboard boxes, variable dimensions work in progress

This installation represents an investigation into the meaning of place, history, and the relationship between reality and fiction. The work consists of a series of cardboard boxes printed with the same style and logo of Faller, a company specializing in the manufacture of model houses for hobbyists of modeling and electric trains. However, instead of classic images of model houses, the boxes depict images of the buildings of the Marktplatz in Hildesheim, a square completely destroyed by bombings in 1945 and subsequently rebuilt in the 1980s while maintaining the same original style.


The project aims to investigate the meaning of the place, its connection with history, and whether a link between past and present, reality and fiction still exists. The Marktplatz has become a sort of fake, a reconstructed façade that conceals the historical truth of the place. The art installation seeks to stimulate reflection on the modern world, increasingly transformed into a place similar to Disneyland, where reality is often manipulated and transformed into a constructed fiction.