cinema documentary

Project developed in the framework of EURODOC 22.



Terni, the place of origin of the director's mother, is the Italian city of steel and Saint Valentine.

Where it is said once laid an immense necropolis, one of Europe’s largest steelworks has been built.

In this place, personal biography and anthropological investigations intertwine with the singing of a working-class rock band,

while a buried family truth begins to resurface.



Current production stage: end of development / pre-production


Written & directed: Gianluca Monnier // treatment supervisor: Dario D’Amato // DOP: Andrea Caccia //

production: Nicola Bernasconi, ROUGH CAT (CH) // co-production: RSI Radiotelevisone svizzera (CH) // Sebastiano Luca Insinga, Jump Cut (IT)



art, multimedia installation // work in progress


Anonima is a multimedia art installation that aims to give voice to women victims of violence.


by Andrée Julikà Tavares & Gianluca Monnier // © 2023



cinema documentary

Project in development // supported by Fondo Film Plus Svizzera italiana + Ticino Film Commission


In Heligoland, a remote german archipelago in the North Sea full of history and contradictions, science and nature intertwine between past, present and future. As off-shore wind farms rise off the coast, threatening the migration of birds, ornithologists struggle to preserve the fragile balance between clean energy research and nature conservation. A poetic tale about the dichotomies of our time and the invisible interconnections that define our reality.



Written & directed: Gianluca Monnier and Andrée Julikà Tavares //  production: parapluie pictures  // © 2023