The Club / multimedia installation
The Club / the fanzine
The club parapluie (tavares + monnier) The project "The Club" was exhibited during the group show Ars Polis I public spaces, Lugano (CH), 2010 curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto and Michele Balmelli The fanzine 'The Club' was also presented at "Fanzines! festival de l'autoédition graphique", Paris (F), 2011 Description The project 'The Club' consists of two elements: an installation and a fanzine, published in 30 copies, numbered and signed. The work tells the story of a fictitious club, 'The Club', whose events are told from a photo album found in a second-hand market. Developed from original photos, this work investigates the relationship between reality and fiction. The fanzine, which completes and extends the meaning of the installation, closes on the last page with a list of names and a text: "When the club was founded in the spring of 1954 in a lakeside restaurant, its members signed a pact of secrecy. Neither statutes nor purposes were defined and there is no trace in the official records. The only document is an abum with photos and a list of names. It was found, together with some clothing, in Via Lavizzari in Lugano. The club was dissolved in the autumn of 1964."