The vanishing bride parapluie (tavares + monnier) These works in progress are part of a large multimedia project called The Vanishing Bride
The vanishing bride Intervention on photo, variable dimensions, work in progress
The vanishing bride Project for a 3-channel video installation

In this video installation, a female figure in a bridal gown runs through an enchanted forest, while sounds of birds, footsteps, and light games create a suggestive and surreal atmosphere. The forest is represented as a sort of labyrinth. Beyond its borders, a plain can be seen, a possible escape route and liberation, but this possibility exists only for the viewer, the bride - trapped in an eternal loop of escape - will never reach it.


The use of three video channels gives the artwork a visual and narrative complexity, where the ambiguity of the represented event challenges the viewer to reflect on the deeper and elusive meanings of human beings. "The Vanishing Bride" represents an aesthetic and conceptual experience that invites reflection on the theme of the individual's struggle against their nature and the forces that shape human destiny. The figure of the bride thus reveals itself as a metaphor for the eternal tension between the individual's freedom and the inevitability of their destiny.